Cantilever Umbrella's

We stock a huge range of Shelta branded Cantilever Umbrella’s!

Shelta have a long history of selling the best quality and value for money umbrellas in Australia for over 30 years.

All of their umbrellas will come in many different shapes, sizes and colour options.

The materials used to manufacture the canopy are Olefin, O’Bravia™ and Sunproof™ Acrylic.

These fabrics all have various properties that make them better suited for different situations so please feel free to get in touch with us and we can help you select the right one for you outdoor space!

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  • Wall Mounted Umbrella

    Wall Mount Umbrella

  • Pandanus

    Pandanus Cantilever Umbrella

  • Lynden

    Lynden Cantilever Umbrella

  • Regis

    Regis Cantilever Umbrella

  • Loral

    Loral Cantilever Umbrella

  • Savannah

    Savannah Cantilever Umbrella

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  • Asta

    Asta Cantilever Umbrella

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Showing all 7 results