Pandanus Cantilever Umbrella


Pandanus 330cm Octagonal

Pandanus features a rotate knob on the runner for infinite tilt angle lock. Like all Shelta cantilevers it features 360° rotate to give shade where needed and a bracket for LED umbrella light on the lower hub.

Covered in durable Olefin fabrics, it also includes a polyester Protective Cover.

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Wind Testing Pandanus Umbrella:

Please note: Wind tunnel tests were conducted at Monash University for research and development purposes. Shelta Australia does not guarantee that featured umbrellas will withstand specific wind speeds. To avoid damage to the frame always close the umbrella in windy weather or when unattended. The tilting feature should be used with care and the canopy should be returned to horizontal if the umbrella is buffeted by gusts of wind.

Canopy Colour Options

Charcoal, Sandstone, Taupe

Installation Instructions

Option of using either On Ground Base Plate or Ballast Block Frame (both included). Four to six ballast blocks needed, recommended total weight 100kg

Small Resin Base – optional purchase. It’s water filled and fits over the top of the ballast block frame – so no blocks are needed.