Why are we closed Saturdays?

Hello dear customers!

Well this is strange?  CLOSED on SATURDAY – are you mad?

Some think so but let us explain.

We’ve been in the business now since 2002 and for most of that time we have traded 7 days.  As a family business that chews into a lot of family time not to mention the physical stress that puts on one’s life.

So we listened to some advise from the Good Book – and we have now decided to have a Day of Rest every week.

How’s that working out for you?  To be honest – it’s amazing!

Life is too short to neglect God, our family and ourselves.

Resting one day a week, even if it is a Saturday – gives us refreshment and restoration, so we can give YOU, our customer better service and through longevity, continue to build this blessed Nation of ours that’s built on small business’ like our own.

Thought of taking a rest yourself lately?   See you Sunday!