Pizza Oven Wedges Large EGG


Used with an EGGspander, convEGGtor Basket, and a convEGGtor, the Pizza Oven Wedges create a traditional brick oven set up with an easily accessible front opening that makes quick work of sliding pizzas in and out of the EGG.

  • The front opening allows cooks to monitor pizzas, loaves of bread or other baked goods as they cook, delivering recipes baked to your preferred level of doneness
  • With the wedges in place, the EGG temperature holds for hours where you set it, in a range from 400°F/204°C to 700°F/370°C. The insulating ceramics of the EGG enable the heat retention needed for even cooking, even when baking multiple pizzas
  • Two cast aluminium wedges are easy to handle and store with no rusting
  • For pizzas up to 14 inches (36 cm)

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Instructions for Use

  • Light your EGG and set it for indirect cooking with the convEGGtor in place.
  • Add your cooking grid and place your baking stone on the grid.
  • Close the dome and make sure that the rEGGulator and draft door are wide open to ramp up to a pizza cooking temperature of approximately 550 – 600 degrees.
  • Note: Your pizza stone temperature will be lower than the reading on your dome thermometer. If you have an infrared thermometer, you can check that your pizza stone is around 500 degrees for the best results. If not, a dome temp of 550 – 600 will ensure a hot pizza stone.
  • Once the desired temperature is reached and your stone has reached the proper cooking temperature, insert the Big Green EGG Pizza Wedges by setting one wedge on each side, making sure the tabs are facing down and resting against the inside edge of the base. Slide wedges along the gasket so that they meet evenly in the back centre of the base.
  • Shut the dome so that it rests neatly on top of the wedges.
  • While cooking pizzas with the wedges in place, keep the rEGGulator closed and adjust the draft door to maintain desired cooking temperature.