EGG Genius Additional Y-Cable


The Big Green Egg – EGG Genius – Y Cable gives you the versatility of adding extra Probes to your Big Green Egg EGG Genius. Use the Y Cable to provide 2 Probe Temperatures. Either Meat and Meat, BBQ and Meat Temperatures.

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The Big Green Egg – EGG Genius allows you to remotely manage and monitor the internal temperature of the EGG. Quickly and easily reach your desired cooking temperature as the blower ramps up to fan the lighted charcoal; once the desired temp is reached, the variable speed blower automatically adjusts the blower speed to optimise the set temperature. With an accurate alert system, you will be notified when your cook is finished or when the EGG temperature is too high or low. Controlling the EGG Genius through your smartphone, tablet or computer allows you to view graphs of your cooks, detects the sudden temperature drop from opening the dome and turns the fan off temporarily to avoid over-stoking the fire.